CoCapture: Effectively Communicating UI Behaviors on Existing Websites by Demonstrating and Remixing

User Interface (UI) mockups are commonly used as shared context during interface development collaboration. In practice, UI designers often use screenshots and sketches to create mockups of desired UI behaviors for communication. However, in the later stages of UI development, interfaces can be arbitrarily complex, making it labor-intensive to sketch, and static screenshots are limited in the types of interactive and dynamic behaviors they can express. We introduce CoCapture, a system that allows designer requesters to easily create UI behavior mockups on existing web interfaces by demonstrating and remixing, and to accurately describe their requests to helpers by referencing the resulting mockups using hypertext. We showed that the requester participants could more accurately describe UI behaviors with CoCapture than with existing sketch and communication tools. The helper participants found the descriptions of desired UI behaviors in CoCapture clear and easy to follow. Our approach can help teams develop UIs efficiently by bridging communication gaps with more accurate visual context.