VizProg: Identifying Misunderstandings by Visualizing Students' Coding Progress

Programming instructors often conduct in-class exercises to help them identify students that are falling behind and surface students' misconceptions. However, as we found in interviews with programming instructors, monitoring students' progress during exercises is difficult, particularly for large classes. We present VizProg, a system that allows instructors to monitor and inspect students' coding progress in real-time during in-class exercises. VizProg represents students' statuses as a 2D Euclidean spatial map that encodes the students' problem-solving approaches and progress in real-time. VizProg allows instructors to navigate the temporal and structural evolution of students' code, understand relationships between code, and determine when to provide feedback. A comparison experiment showed that VizProg helped to identify more students' problems than a baseline system. VizProg also provides richer and more comprehensive information for identifying important student behavior. By managing students' activities at scale, this work presents a new paradigm for improving the quality of live learning.

CHI 2023

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